Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2012-2013 AFP Predictions

Here's my predictions for the top 5 slopestyle skiers in the 2012-2013 season (according to AFP results)


1. Tom Wallisch
 Is there any explanation needed for this one? Tom dominated the 2011-2012 season. No one even came close. Some of his accomplishments were:
  • Accomplished the "3-peat" winning the first 3 major slopestyle events of the year (First 2 Dew Tour stops + X-games)
  • 2nd at Dew Tour Snowbasin
  • 2nd at X-games europe
  • 1st at the Inaugural US Grand Prix
  • 1st at rails to riches (not an AFP event)
"Wally" is the best rail skier in the game, he's the most consistent skier I've seen on both rails and jumps, and he's top 5 in terms of technical skills on jumps (bag of tricks). On top of being incredibly skilled, Tom has one of the smoothest styles around. His landings are seemingly perfect, and he makes his tricks look effortless. Wallisch is one of the few comp skiers who doesn't get hated on for having "robot style". He slays urban, bc booters, and puts out numerous movie segments every year, as well as a few edits. Tom is turning 25, making him one of the senior competitiors in the field, but he is in great shape. Judging by his footage from summer edits - watch out for this guy again. It's going to be another big season for Wallisch, and I doubt many people would dispute this. I expect to see both way dub 12 double japans.

2. Gus Kentworthy
Gus is one of the best all round park skiers. He kills big-airs, slopestyle, and half-pipe, and he's incredibly entertaining rider to watch; whether he's throwing a double off a rail, or a sw triple 16. I expect to see a more refined park run from Gus this year. We all know he has the bag of tricks to pull off a slopestyle win, and I have a feeling this year we're going to see the consistency and precision Gus needs to improve his slopestyle results. I can't wait to see what Gus throws in his slopestyle runs this year. Hopefully we will see a double rodeo or misty out of a rail. No idea about his jump line.

3. Nick Goepper
Nick Goepper came from nowhere last year and finished second overall in the AFP slopestyle standings. Nick had a 1st place finish at Dew Tour Snowbasin, as well as numerous podium finishes. Like many other comp skiers, Goepper receives hate for having forced style referred to as "robot style" by the freestyle skiing community, and for throwing extremely technical tricks referred to as "future spins". However he is incredibly talented on both rails and jumps, and I think we're going to see another big season from Nick. I don't know a whole lot about the guy besides what I've seen from him riding in dew tour + a few edits, but I expect another big year from Goepper.

4. Bobby Brown
Bobby is another skier who can go without explanation. He is arguably the best freestyle skier on jumps; Brown has numerous doubles on lock, and he's stomped a few triples. I don't expect to see anything less than a dub 12 on bigger jumps. Expect lots of mute grabs, but if you get lucky you might see a blunt.

5.Henrik Harlaut/Russ Henshaw
I couldn't decide between these two. Henrik is pushing skiing in a direction no other skier is going. Forward thrown double 10 flatspin stalefish (I don't even know what this trick is actually called but it's fucking crazy), bio 14 blunt, nose butter double 12 are just a few of the crazy, innovative tricks Henrik has thrown. He's an incredibly skilled park skier, who doesn't let technical based judging affect his style and uniqueness on the slopestyle course. And then there's Russ. Russ Henshaw is extremely consistent and talented, but more of a generic style of skiing than Henrik. Russ placed 5th overall last season. He has a very deep bag of aerial tricks, and I expect to see dub 12 variations and maybe a dub 14 in his run.

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  1. I completely forgot about Sammy Carlson. #5 is now Henrik/Russ/Sammy